Experts teach you how to buy linen fabric clothing

September 05, 2020

For a time, linen texture clothing, mats, cushions and even popular insoles sales, linen products have become synonymous with health and fashion. Experts suggest that in the selection of linen products must be careful not to be deceived by the black heart merchants. "The same is linen pants, one as long as 20 yuan, the other has to sell more than 100 yuan, which one is true?" The public in the women's selection of linen pants for her husband made a difficult time. Yu Xiangkai, who has been engaged in the sale of flax products for many years, said that linen products have good hygroscopicity and breathability and are excellent in corrosion prevention and bacteriostasis. They are the leading products in green and fashion. However, with the linen products "popular", some fake and shoddy products have also been placed on the counter. Even some linen-free apparel is under the guise of "pure linen." In the identification of linen, we must first look. Pure linen fabric has a natural cloud pattern; touch with a cool feeling; grip force will produce wrinkles; with fire there is white smoke, accompanied by burning paper smell, after burning no black carbon, no knot Glue; pure linen there are faint hemp. In addition, high-quality linen products, good surface gloss, clear lines, no hemp particles, no significant color, no traces of oil and stains, tear strong, washed before and after the same soft. As for the price, the general linen clothing in the hundred or so, but because of the difference between the brand and workmanship, high-end linen prices will be high.

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