The perfect holiday fashion with LOOK to create a simple European and American fan

September 04, 2019

This site on June 19 hearing, the Dragon Boat Festival is watching, a rare holiday naturally to the United States and the United States to spend, if you do not have clues, you may wish to look at the outstanding street shooting of European and American stars, may be able to find you from Inspiration.

Demonstration star: Olivia Palermo

Demonstration star: Olivia Palermo

Celebrity Olivia slipped her dog in New York on June 17. Leopard-printed cloak with hot pants, the wild style should be placed on the aristocratic body, sharpening the air, elegant as one, leopard make more elegant and more possibilities of the aristocratic style, we temporarily call it: wild elegant.

Demo Star: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Demo Star: Catherine Zeta-Jones

On June 14, Catherine Zeta-Jones was guest of the Daily Show. The crocheted black skirt is delicately slender and the effect of a slight perspective reveals the understated sensuality. The simple little black dress is must have in summer.

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