Classic story ladies shaping intellectual elegant woman

September 08, 2019

Modern urban life has brought a variety of colorful, but also brought glitz and strong materialism, however, "the wall to ensure the sanctity of the temple white, not the real pursuit of beauty."


"JANESTORY / classic story " dedicated service to white-collar women, "JANESTORY / classic story" professional women's pursuit of youth, purity, into the rich emotional and cultural connotations, design emphasis on "dignified, elegant, unconventional" The atmosphere of the times, but also trace the 19th century European style, and strive to bring women extraordinary temperament, 尽显 contemporary women's personality and taste.

经典故事女装 塑造知性优雅女人

JANE STORY classic story "has been adhering to the elegance, fashion and perfect quality of the modern urban style, with restrained and peaceful design to express the dedication of personality, elegant and soft atmosphere all the way from Shenzhen spread ...... Jane story Women's orientation for the pursuit of family harmony, professional intellectual Elegant woman.

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Microfiber Color Strip Cleaning Towel

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