China's underwear market will be where to look

July 21, 2021


Due to the ever-changing market, from production-oriented enterprises to retail stores, we are confused by the instability of the market, the ups and downs of employees, staff issues, cost issues, profit issues and after-sales service. Underwear market will have to be oriented?

Underwear industry is a late start, but has never been valued industry, her formation in addition to the needs of the market needs, but as an industrial product, and not fully developed, to undertake this product development, production work 100% by private enterprises, the state did not introduce any industry standards and product quality standards, due to low prices and complex technology, many business investors do not want to be optimistic about the project, through more than 20 years of hard work, China's underwear finally From the trough out, but in the face of rapid economic development, underwear industry has encountered new problems, especially the recent instability in textile materials, the soaring cost of production, so many business owners, helpless, China's underwear products to go Low-end route has been unable to survive, because low value-added products in the flying economy has no place for its foothold, we want to produce high-end, high value-added products, whether we from human resources, process conditions, Quality control or there is a big gap, high-end consumer is to guide, our current Consumers, there is no such ideology, if you want to nurture it, or to have a long time, this gap is also the problem we underwear industry to face, from the characteristics of consumption, high-end consumer is an irreversible trend , But need to be patient, then how do we do in front of it? When the product added value can not be mentioned, we can only reduce the circulation of the products and reduce the circulation. In other words, the sales cost is also reduced, and the retailers with the advanced edge increase the profit margin. If the existing Brand, or the conventional generation, the second generation of this old model continues to develop, production-oriented enterprises will face tremendous triangular debt, the enterprise will be the chain of funds dragged off, this situation has emerged, how to restructure the existing channels This is also the question that every one of us thinks of.

In this era of rapid economy, only fast and fast, which is also in line with economic laws, industrial products in the shortest possible time to consumers, to resolve the goods already consumed, the shorter your time, your profit is The higher we live in the Internet age, why we do not change our existing channels from the speed of the network, and if each of our products is used through train, there will be considerable profits, feel Our future orientation lies in the combination of network services in the real economy. I also imagined that the formation of our system will have a great flow of capital to be freed. Will be to the underwear industry freshman.

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