Brilliant chic style Comme des Garcons Homme Plus2013 Men's

October 19, 2019

Rei Kawakubo in the fashion circle more than 40 years of age Kawakubo Ling to mix young and gentleman style known as the male regional brand Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, this time in Paris Fashion Week launched the concept of "Poor King" in the spring of 2013 Series, blending the favorite in recent years, the mix and match style, and joined the many elements of the pattern printing, coupled with the use of the gown as a ride outside the design, it can be said that quite by the "sharp brother" wear out Inspiration, and this is known as "Hiroshima chic" with Hiroshima unique chic style is indeed once again for the heavy fashion industry led by reading the reading of the vision was amazed. Kawakubo Ling always have a kind of uninhibited understanding of fashion, fashion people who know the tidy behind always hope that in the chaos to find a messy fashion, this non-mainstream fashion belongs to the streets of the ruffian fashion professionals person. The military style of the camouflage became a haunting landscape hidden in the mess. Hair color models are dyed bright orange, headband is a black leather rivets. Wear pajamas suit and lazy coat paired irregular steel sense grid. The designer emphasizes the rebellious mood of the stitching collection, unexpected fabrics and silhouettes, such as black snakeskin and inlaid leather, or a rug with a patch coat and gray striped light gray jersey overalls. Her simple combination of shirt and pants does not look, but the second is deeply in love with this strange. Red plaid, leopard print, camouflage and gold lame these elements are the protagonists of this series. The overall effect is desirable and unbalanced in the closing, in order to create a blend of modern design and nostalgia.

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