Guaranteed profit = Amway Clothing Co., Ltd. launched the joining cooperation

October 20, 2019

In response to the harsh, girls' frontline headquarters in Tai Wai's economic environment in 2012, the "Competitiveness Enhancement and Effective Policy Support Policy" and the "Guarantee of Profits for Frontline Counseling for Girls at the 2012 CFD Plus Women's Frontline Women's Winter Orders Fair Join ".

Now there are many investors intent to pay the intention of gold, waiting for the right mall counters joined the project to ensure profitability to join, Huizhou investors Zhao sister and Li Jie said that in this investment cautious circumstances, find us this Profitable projects cooperation, it is to allow investors peace of mind, peace of mind, hope girls front-line manufacturers more good cooperation projects, investors are willing to cooperate vigorously.


Guaranteed profit Jiangbei Jia Rong shop opened it!

If you do not know, you can add QQ: Mobile: Tel: Manager Chen contact, your 100,000 yuan input, even with the benefit of 144,000 yuan! Such as high sales performance, take the operating commission and dividends will be higher yo!

Amway Clothing Co., Ltd was founded in 1993, the company headquarters is located in the historic town - Humen. Is a collection product design and development, production, marketing, planning in one of the modern clothing company. Since the establishment of the company, in line with the times, innovative business philosophy, and learn from the international fashion concept and brand management mode of operation. Now the company has "girls front" women's brand . Sales network in major cities throughout the country, more than 200 stores.

Girls front line products have been to parity, fashion style, high standards of quality to customers, so as to create unmatched value for customers. Women's front line of women's spring and summer products, the main price range between 69-269 yuan, autumn and winter products at 79-698 yuan.



Constantly introducing unique style, leading the trend, the market share of high products, outstanding competition in the same brand, the rapid development. With the value for money price, the trend of fashion design, serious and rigorous processes, as well as marketable advantages of products become the leader in the industry, and now "female front" brand like a bright star in the industry Yu Yu Glow, so far throughout the country to open more than 200 stores opened, the store profit ratio of 97%, strong momentum of development, highlighting the vitality of the brand, the operation of the agents, franchisees recognized, won The majority of consumers of all ages.


Female front-line brand women's Humen operation headquarters display


Amway high fashion garment factory

Operations Headquarters: Humen, Dongguan Bo Mei Hing Road Building Bomei Room 505

Contact: Chen Sheng Phone:

Tel: /

Email: [email protected]


Official Website: http: //

Join Hotline: /

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