Start (ABC children's clothing) children's products company won the "China Children's Charity Award"

February 08, 2020

Children, like the rising sun, dazzling, radiant. We use their whole-hearted love to care for their healthy and happy growth. On December 9, "Children, We Love You - China Children and Teenagers Foundation 2012 Large-scale Charity Award Gala" was held in Beijing Capital Gymnasium. The famous international movie star Jackie Chan, famous singers Song Zuying, Dai Yuqiang, Na Ying, and Liu Yang, Bibi Zhou, Zhang Jie, Chen Xiang, Jiang Yingrong, Tan Weiwei, wake up and other stars have appeared on stage. Starting from (China) Children's Products Co., Ltd. (ABC Children's Wear), with many years of enthusiastic participation in supporting children's charity, and actively love, in order to promote the healthy development of children has played a positive role, and Guangdong Nan Yue Bank Co., Ltd., Hengyuanxiang (Group) Co., Ltd. , Gucci (China) Trading Co., Ltd. and Tencent Philanthropy Foundation, were awarded the "China Children's Charity Award - Outstanding Contribution Award" by the All China Women's Federation and China Children and Teenagers' Fund. The photo shows China Children's Charity Award commendation site, the left is the starting company president Mr. Zhou JianyongChina Children and Teenager Foundation as the first public welfare foundation in China, more than 30 years since its establishment, by the party and government attach great importance and deep concern, abide by The purpose of dedicated service for children's education and welfare, focusing on the real needs of children, give full play to non-profit organizations in the social security system an important complement to the role. The Foundation carefully constructed the "Spring Buds Plan" aimed at helping girls in poor areas, the "Ankang Plan" to care for the safe and healthy growth of children, the "China Children's Insurance Special Fund", the "Chinese Children's Charity Day", the " Sub-natural experience base "and a number of charms have a wide range of brands and projects. Photo: Start-up company won the China Children's Charity Award - Outstanding Contribution Award As a leader in the children's products industry, over the years, the start-up company has the courage to shoulder its social responsibilities and has been committed to helping the healthy growth of children in China. Through the China Children and Teenagers' Fund, Charitable organizations and other charities have accumulated donations and donations of millions of dollars to bring spiritual and material care to children who have scorched and burned children in poverty in Xinjiang, Guizhou, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Yunnan and Yushu. The award of "China Children's Charity Award" is also deserved. In the absence of corporate public welfare and social responsibility, the start-up company's perseverance and perseverance in public welfare will undoubtedly play a good role in promoting the development of its ABC children's clothing brand .

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