LACOSTE released the spring and summer 2013 collection of children's clothing

February 24, 2020

LACOSTE released spring and summer 2013 children's wear series! The total of three series: a lot more Yishan, angel sail, tropical rain forest, the common interpretation of the classic fashion! More and more good and better - this is a classic children's famous quote! In fact, a LACOSTE POLO shirt is enough for the little ones. But perhaps, they want to experience independence and follow the example of adults dressed, so the clothes are still "better". Like magic, children's wardrobes now offer them the perfect place to wear any occasion, anytime they need it. Sweaters, pants, jackets, skirts, long skirts ... Whether on campus, at the beach, or on the curb, kids can find any style of clothing they need in their wardrobe. LACOSTE2013 spring and summer diffuse adult fashion style for these elves who provide enough freedom of modeling. Designers, on the other hand, use bright colors and academic styles to meet the needs of older children. Angels set sail LACOSTE Baby like the king of the city forest or the seaside empire star, whether the weather is as unpredictable as they are, they will not hesitate to put on their coat to go out and enjoy the joy of the holiday. These immature figure, put on blue and white striped cotton shirt, then embellishment with red edge and chest pocket, full of vitality. Princess LACOSTE also use khaki and navy blue with her different kind of temperament exudes. The Prince LACOSTE gingham shirt, white with purple, very easy to get type. When these little angels wear POLO shirt, they will blow up a colorful whirlwind! Hit the use of color and striped elements, give LACOSTE baby full of space, with out of their own unique flavor. Everything around the rainforest has become quiet, LACOSTE baby started to be active. Summer is their paradise, and the jungle is their inspirational element. LACOSTE baby out of dress in the total immersion and tropical motif two elements. Such as the white palm tree that appears on the dark blue polo, and the crocodile pattern. Animals and floral motifs also return to the jungle kingdom, where Prince LACOSTE is the real hero. Madeleine plaid blue and white plaid shirts can not help but let people miss that distant country. Princess LACOSTE wearing purple sportswear decorated with pink plant patterns, roaming explore in her kingdom! Frilly bikini to meet her princess plot; and yellow irregular dots, then lead her to open the new fashion!

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