Red with what color nice red dress how to take fashion

April 18, 2021

The classic red color, is the most favorite color of the Chinese, whether it is festive or Benmingnian, will choose the red to contrast the atmosphere. However, there are more and more new era women do not like, feel red cheesy. So how to match the red dress with fashion, with what color with the red soil will not rustic?

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Burgundy down jacket not only in the winter to bring you warmth, but also to become the focus of attention, stand-collar design with a hat double the warmth, cuffs and hem tightening deal with the wind warm, with a classic black collapse pants classic, a Competent short hair allows you to distribute a soothing atmosphere.

红色搭配什么颜色好看 红色衣服怎么搭才时尚

In fact, not the red is sure to choose the kind of Chinese red, like this orange is also entirely possible. Orange velvet fabric jacket, asymmetrical design to break the routine, although it is a silhouette jacket, but because of the wide belt with bloated immediately disappeared without a trace.

Picture Source: Italy and Australia - women's 2014 autumn and winter models

We do Men's Clothes style is fit for the spring, summer, autumn and winter, that can be divide into shirt, blouse, jacket, down clothes, denim and pants. Almost basic style use print and dye for fabric, usually fashion style needs embroidery and special print in the main parts of clothes or fabric, and men's garment is simpler artwork than women, meanwhile it must be higher quality for good looking. Nomally spring and summer style in thin and breathable material which like cotton, polyester, T/C, linen etc, and autumn and winter style in thick and warn material which like cotton, polyester etc, but fabirc needs thick.

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