Vientiane Yihe • Modern Oriental Qianruizhuang × FENYI SHOW2020 starting from “new”

November 08, 2019

Trying unlimited possibilities in the process of self-chasing

Based on Eastern and Western Aesthetics and Vientiane

Promote the integration of contemporary lifestyle and people's inner feelings

Adhere to the unique concept

Showing a changing style

Naturally get a kind of belonging

Own dress aesthetics and lifestyle

Qianruizhuang starts from "new"

Try cross-border cooperation in different fields

Integrate the spirit of modern aesthetics into the DNA of the brand

Make the brand inclusive and diverse

2019 Jiangxi International Hemp Textile Expo on November 2nd,

Qianruizhuang × FENYI SHOW2020 with a distinct personality,

Presenting Vientiane, modern and oriental!

2020 spring and summer design concept:

It expresses the pressures and experiences of contemporary people in different environments, the resistance to real society, indifference, homogenization and the cry of freedom.

Surrounded by fire, light, strength, darkness, and rebirth.

Others have been telling me

Be kind and pure

So I always do this

While the world comes to me

I was told

To be gregarious and silence

When the world comes to me

tell me

To be silent

Resist, tear

Or give up

I lost myself

Resistance to tear

Or give up

I lost myself

But now, I decided to follow my heart

I am who I am.

I decided to listen to my heart.

I am who I am

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