Facing the weakness of bamboo fiber

January 07, 2020

Bamboo fiber products stand out from the market with its high-tech content, its soft and soft warmth, cool and comfortable, antibacterial, antibacterial, green and natural health.

The application of bamboo fiber fabrics in bedding provides consumers with a healthy, comfortable and cool summer. Bamboo fiber fabrics have also been praised by the industry as "the most promising healthy fabric in the 21st century." Although bamboo fiber has many advantages, it also has its weaknesses. In the processing technology, the production process of recycled bamboo fiber is too long, and the environmental pollution is serious. Environmental protection has become the biggest drawback of the development of recycled bamboo fiber, and its destruction of the characteristics of bamboo raw materials can not be ignored. Therefore, the addition of IF art for recycled bamboo fiber needs to be improved.

The Feather Earrings are the types of Earrings which made by feather. On the market, we can see many different designs of feather earrings, such as peacock feather earrings, long feather earrings, beaded feather earrings, tassel feather earrings and so on.
The feather earrings are beautiful, but Easy to break. So we need take a careful maintenance for feather earrings. If your feather earrings are dirty or fractured, it will affect the beauty of feather earrings, so we need to hang them and keep the feather dry.

Feather Earrings

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