Autumn is simple and thin with elegant feminine wear

January 17, 2020

Ben Wang reported on November 12, although it has officially entered the winter, but the weather is still hot and cold. In this season where there is a large temperature difference between morning and evening, the harder it is to control the dressing technique, which is too thin and thick, will make you feel uncomfortable. Let Xiaobian introduce you to the perfect combination of temperature control and body enhancement.

This is a very simple and stylish bat-shaped sweater with a unique dolman sleeve design. The sleeves are connected with the hem and gestures to show your charm! The high knit collar can be turned down according to your needs and make your neck The Department stays away from the cold in winter. Personalized version design, casual and bold ideas, both the charm of mature women, but also let you lose fashion elegance!

The V-neck of the atmosphere shows vulgarity that you can't conceal in vagueness. The sloping hem design is slightly accompanied by a sense of incommensurability. This makes the overall knit shirt even more stylish and special, allowing you to spread the irresistible big-name charm; side-split design, While enhancing comfort, you can stretch the leg lines, revealing slender legs.

This section of the waist effect is significant, showing women's S curve beauty. You can take a suit, long jacket, etc., how to use wild Joker models to take you to decide! Buttons on the chest and shoulders to the skirt to add highlights.

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