Haijia Shi brand discount women, interpretation of different women's charm!

July 30, 2019

Haijia Shi brand discount women's clothing, Foshan City Public Yi's clothing is a discount women's brand . Company set e-commerce, brand joining, chain direct sales in one of the professional apparel sales company, located in Guangdong, one of the four famous town of Shunde Chencun. Here convenient transportation, commercial development, logistics network perfect, since ancient times is the commercial center.


Haijia Shi brand implementation of the professional management mode, the use of scientific and flexible direct marketing and franchising business strategy, formed a integrity, efficient, innovative and cohesive management team. In all aspects with the customer to understand and communicate, the store inside and outside the image, as well as the layout of product display elements, sales skills training, etc., to provide special, area, specialized services. In just a few years the company's development time has opened in the Pearl River Delta region has dozens of outlets and over 100 franchise stores.


Brand interpretation

HYCLASS with the letters "H", "Y", "S" changes constitute a beautiful side profile, representing the fashion women's, beautiful angel incarnation. Haijia Shi discount women, Haijia Shi brand discount women to leisure and the combination of traditional Chinese classic, the pursuit of simplicity and fashion design resonance, with the feminine design elements, with the modern approach to convey "Haijia Shi" fashion, Beautiful, upscale brand personality. With simple, soft show urban women desire romance, pure and unique souvenir taste, Haijia Shi women show modern women elegant, pure, beautiful style.

Style positioning

1.HYCLASS Haijia Shi's business philosophy: integrity, pragmatic, inexpensive high quality, quantity to win;

2.HYCLASS product style: simple, stylish, intellectual;

3. HYCLASS product positioning: 25-45-year-old fashion urban women;

4.HYCLASS Price: spring and summer: 50-200 yuan; autumn and winter equipment: 80-380 yuan;