Heel super knee 6 cm health problems

December 27, 2019

[This site - shoes and life] on a "professional women high-heeled shoes survey" shows that professional women's high heels in the height of 6 cm and 6 cm accounted for 33.43%. Studies have shown that the most suitable heel height is about 3 cm, more than 6 cm, the burden on the ankles and knees increases, the calf and lower back are fatigued; the heel is more than 10 cm, and the ankle, calf, lumbar and neck are too much for the human body Tilt forward and feel uncomfortable. Long-term wear such high heels, pain is the first important signal. This soreness is actually a warning. It reminds the owner that if you continue to adhere to it, the foot will blisters, which may grow corns. In the long run, it may lead to hallux valgus, ultimately affecting the stability of the arch. At the same time, psychological research shows that: Pain is also the trigger of bad emotions and explosive temper, it will inevitably affect the harmonious coexistence of colleagues around.

If you are crazy about the United States, wearing high heels for many months, then "perverted feet" is also inevitable. Zhong Weibin explained that hallux valgus has a direct relationship with wearing high heels. When the heel is raised, the forefoot will bear the weight of the whole body, and the front part of the high heel is generally narrow. When walking, the weight of the body falls on the front of the foot, and the toe will gradually deform due to the weight of the body, causing the phenomenon of thumb valgus.

Women often wear "absolute altitude" high heels, not only easy to form hallux valgus, but also because of wearing high heels and discomfort extended to other parts of the body, such as knee, hip pain, spine deformation and early decline and so on. Zhong Weibin explained: When walking in high heels, the degree of motion of the knee joint and ankle joint is affected and the force is uneven. It is more prone to ankle sprain than wearing flat shoes, resulting in relaxation of ligaments of the ankle joint. Ankle joints suffer from traumatic arthritis. In addition, the damage to the lumbar spine in wearing high heels is even more serious. Because the occurrence and development of such damage is relatively slow, it is easily overlooked.

Zhong Weibin introduced that to reduce foot fatigue, first of all, of course, to liberate the feet, reduce the wearing time of high heels, in the office with a pair of flat shoes or slippers. Second, perform a relaxing massage on the pain site to reduce the pressure on the joints and ligaments. Again, do acupuncture and pulling to ease the exercises: sitting in a chair, legs apart, feet flat on the ground, the heel lifted to the limit for five seconds, and then restore. The tiptoe lifted for five seconds and it felt that the Achilles tendon was stretched gradually and repeated 10 times. Finally, proper outdoor activities are also the most effective way to relieve foot fatigue.

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